03 April 2007

field trips!

exploring seoul, one field trip at a time.

as one of the world's largest cities, seoul offers an an endless number of things to see and do. when i moved here in 2007, i found that exploring my new home's popular and obscure sights bonded me to it. whether you live here or just plan to visit, i hope my field trips in and around seoul help inspire your interest and affection for korea's spectacular, 600-year-old capital.

#1: seonyu island park (선유도 공원)

in the middle of the han river is an island that was once a sewage treatment plant, but is now a gorgeous post-modern, eco-consciousness park. (20 october 2007)

#2: namdaemun market (남대문 시장)
thousands of shops, stalls and carts form korea's largest retail market, which has bustled for centuries. (07 november 2007)

#3: bukhan mountain (북한산)
these dramatic granite peaks are just 20 minutes from central seoul and boast a 2000-year-old wall, a buddhist temple and a spectacular view. (18 november 2007)

#4: gyeonghui palace (경희궁)
amidst the modern urban chaos is a modest reminder of one of the joseon dynasty's five grand palaces, built in the 17th century. (07 december 2007)

#5: singye-dong (신계동)
an abandoned shantytown in yongsan-gu that was once home to japanese railway employees will be demolished to make way for another urban mega project. (19 december 2007)

#6: cheongdam-dong (청담동)
south of the han river in ritzy gangnam-gu is this neighborhood dedicated to the worship of money and material excess. (31 december 2007)

#7: an mountain (안산)
if you're looking for a nice view, buddhist meditation and a respite from the hustle and bustle of central seoul, climb the big hill behind sinchon's yonsei university. (23 january 2008)

#8: the house of sharing (나눔의집)
this place in gwangju (se of seoul) was created to care for the octogenarian halmonis who were victims of japanese sexual slavery during world war 2. (01 february 2008)

#9: sinchon part 1: love motels (신촌 러브모텔)
seoul's sinchon neighborhood boasts a strip of inexpensive overnight accommodations for young lovebirds and adulterers alike. (10 march 2008)

#10: sinchon part 2: edae (이대 근처)
keep tabs on progressive architecture, fashion trends and youth culture in the backyard of the world's largest women's university. (10 april 2008)

#11: cheonggye stream (청계천)
seoul's most famous urban renewal project is a beautiful, 5.8-km restored stream that runs through the city's core. (22 april 2008)

#12: deoksu palace (덕수궁)
one of joseon korea's 5 grand palaces has been the site of major political intrigue since it was built in the 15th century. (19 june 2008)

#13: bukchon (북촌)
between seoul's two greatest palaces is a sea of tiled eaves that form the 600-year-old city's last traditional neighborhood. (30 july 2007)

more to come!
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