02 April 2007


my web page
discovering korea (my work travel blog)
pop-id (my blog of ole)

ask a korean
a novel life (the corny twins are reunited!)
condemned seoul
dramabeans (deconstructing k-dramas)
feetman seoul (seoul fashion blog)
frog in a well (korea history group blog)
hurricane abby hits seoul (my kbs homegirl's blog)
jindowaygook (an expat blogging from beautiful jin island)
the korean blog list
korean meteorological admin's yellow dust watch
link (liberty in north korea)
the marmot's hole (korean expat blog)
mass studies (korean architecture design team)
oriental architecture (photos and diagrams of many korean palaces and temples (other countries too!)
skyscraper city's korea thread

korea news + government (in english)
chosun ilbo
dong-a ilbo
joongang daily
korea herald
korea times
seoul metropolitan govmt website (in english)
seodaemun-gu office (i love my gu!)
yonhap news

bebreaking (choi hyun sook's blog)
buddy (lgbt magazine)
chingusai (komo human rights group)
crazyseoul (komo blog)
dari project (korean american LGBTQ project)
hoon in seoul (protecting kokoland)
kirikiri (lesbian counseling center in korea)
korean queer culture festival
korean sexual-minority culture + rights center
solidarity for lgbt human rights of korea
gay info about korea (and asia)

not korea (but sometimes still homo)
futoshi miyagi
jlingnau (buy sissy's jewels)
jonith bjiggins: internationally honest musings
my littledeaddick: a love story
strange maps
we feel fine (harvested emotions)


Fauzi said...
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Fauzi said...

Hey I love your blog..

All the way from Singapore,
Bye Bitch! =))

Fauzi Rassull: Singapore's Only Male Bitch

matt said...

thanks, fauzi.
calling one's self a bitch is fine, but calling me one is bad manners. besides, i'm far more of a kook, a gook and a dork than a bitch.