29 April 2007

baby back ribs - korean style

today jayne, hyong and i had lunch somewhere inbetween the gangnam/yeoksam subway stations at a place famous for its bbae soot bool gooey (korean-style baby back ribs). but first we enjoyed yummy hae jang gook (hangover soup), two kinds of kimchee and a platter of garlic stems, onion slices and hot peppers, which we used to scoop up spicy dwen jang (miso chili paste). the ribs arrived on a large plate blanketed in a thick sweet/spicy sauce with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. the moist and delicious meat easily detached from the bones, which was a good thing, since rubbing your mouth against them in search of the marrow makes your face sting from the intense spice. yummy!

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