23 September 2007

homecoming heebie-jeebies

we share a love of animal tv shows, bloopers and whiskey.

the past three-ish years i've seen my identity take a dramatic turn to the korean side after years of hoping my mixedness might allow me special guest access into latino-dom. though my claim on koreanness is blood-legitimized, acceptance into the clan is never easy.

nevertheless i was surprised by my halmohnee's reaction to my announcement that i was here to learn korean and explore this part of my heritage. she laughed and asked me why on earth i'd do that. i spoke english, for heaven's sake. why learn korean?

this thursday is chuseok (korean thanksgiving), an important family holiday. tho cuz can't join me, i think it's time to brave the mean hangook hinterlands alone and head to daegu to visit my halmohnee and family. it's been too long since i've had face time with granny and since i'm lucky to have family here i should go see them.

sure, the routine of a nonagenarian matriarch and her mentally retarded son bickering constantly because he blames her for his difficult life until wesukmo (auntie) pacifies the quarreling parties with good humor and constant food preparation (until the cycle repeats) is sad and tiresome. and... their threadbare home can get kinda boring once swatting mosquitoes or collecting the small white worms that crawl on the ceiling and walls loses its novelty. but they're family, dammit, and orientals care about family first, right?! ...and i'm an oriental, right?!

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