12 October 2007

field trips!

all good things have a logo. fyi: the gray mass is seoul city's boundaries with the han river bisecting it. sure, the yellow box is shamelessly national geographic, but this is merely a coincidental, outward evidence of my subconscious.

i really enjoy exploring cities, especially those (like seoul) where you can wander with no particular plan or map until you inevitably find a subway stop that can take you back home. what's also nice about seoul is that it's incredibly safe, which means... it's safe, and the locals seem less suspicious about a foreign-ish looking guy wandering around their hood. this is helpful if you're like me and wish to avoid: 1) aggressive men looking for excuses to confront strangers, 2) paranoid old ladies callin the cops, or 3) homeland security interrogations for taking snapshots of a bridge.

up until now the summer heat and my plans to be here for a while conspired to keep delaying me from exploring this megapolis. however, the past few weeks' delicious temps announce that fall is undoubtedly here. this, in cahoots with my not-so-charming mix of grumpiness, melancholy and anxiety of late has compelled me go out and get some fresh air! not to mention, i've been wanting to make a concerted effort to recognize some of seoul's highlights for interested readers who want to see more of this intriguing place and less of my megalomania.

coming soon... our first field trip will be to lovely little seonyudo, an elaborate museum-park in the middle of the han river built upon the ruins of a water purification plant. i think it's a fitting start given seoul's budding environmental consciousness!


judith bjini said...

bout time you updated bitchnasty. had a strange dream about you, me, madonna's hapa dancer and some other guy. i think we were in asia.

matt said...

so you have hapa orgy dreams and last night i dreamed about a middle-aged white lady getting divorced. does this suggest you're enjoying your expat experience more than i am?

judy beej said...

it suggests i'm enjoying my dreams more than you are. and that maybe hapa orgies are plentiful in your waking life, allowing your mind to wander to thoughts of menopausal whiteness (?) in your dreams...

matt said...

that's a generous analysis. thank you. but really, you sound good.

hey, when you get the chance, please write a book titled, "menopausal whiteness". it could be observations of 50-ish white ladies or pseudo-scholarship on the argument that caucasians are the racial equivalent of menopause.