03 November 2007

another reason why god hates right-wing christians

right-wing christian groups successfully lobbied the south korean ministry of justice to remove wording that protected lgbt people from the historic anti-discrimination bill that is working its way toward ratification. in response, the komos are up in arms! 100 showed up for a protest meeting last week and another rally is planned for this monday. more info in korean and a map here.

unlike many of its asian neighbors, korea has no tradition of anti-gay laws. this is a critical moment to protect lgbt rights in korea! come show your support for komo civil rights!

monday, 5 november 2007
7:30 pm
yonsei university
school of engineering
lecture hall: #a018

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Jon said...

awww... that's so good that you guys have the opportunity to keep a clean slate clean. i read a fun article on the stranger's slog about 'brunch' becoming apart of south korean gay sunday routine.

fyi... judy wants a new masthead.