05 November 2007

armageddon on thursday

i've spent much of the past couple of days on this anti-discrimination bill shiz. my pal and komo rights' movement pioneer chung-woo asked me to draft a press release for english-language media, and tonight i dropped by an emergency forum on the issue. the audience of 200+ was overwhelmingly female... by now it's no big surprise to me that the gut-less komo men had better things to do, maybe like watching desperate housewives or airbrushing digital camera self-portraits?

anyhow, those that did show heard a few charismatic local LGBT activists frame the issue, as well as a member of the opposition political party's sexual minorities committee. the sounds of queer youngsters dropping 500 won coins into a pretty pink collection box was inspiring, but the sound of wasted time was not. like any good "i" statements, consensus-building liberal arts undergraduate model back home, the audience was broken into small groups to tackle topics like "international relations" and "christianity companionship team."

since the anti-discrimination bill could be passed any day now, and since the fucking christians have promised to amass 10,000 soldiers of god to protest in less than 72 hours, i would have called for martial law and immediate task delegatation... the christianity companionship team can wait.

unsurprisingly, the korean jesus-revisionists have learned a few things from their american brothers and sisters by exploiting the public's total ignorance of homo issues to achieve their larger political goals. chung-woo explained the pessimistic state of affairs for korea's queers. the christian wacko bigots are mobilized, the likely victor in next month's presidential election is a proud homophobe, and they can't seem to find a local LGBT activist willing to show her/his face on camera.

my spirits prostrate on the floor, he then reminded me of the inherent potential of shitty situations. perhaps seeing thousands of crazy bigots desperate to institutionalize their disenfranchisement will get korean homos out of their closets. anyhow, i can't spill the beans yet, but chung-woo's clever, originally off-kilter noggin has some great antics in the works, which i pledge to reveal at a later date. on my end, i'll try to slip in a mention of the debacle into my fluffy radio show... we'll see how kindly my brand-new state-run media employer takes to mainstreaming korean stories of homosexuality.

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