13 November 2007


just another day on seoul's metro.

12/6 UPDATE: thanks to some bizarre confusion, i feel the need to clarify that this is not me. my mother, who's always on the lookout for homophobes, sent me this awesome email today:

when i was reading your articles on the website, saw a men wearing a korean flag skirt in public transit - it horrified me - it almost looked like you, is that you? i think that is a very dangerous thing to do... it can be very harmful - could be attacked....

no kids, this isn't me as a devil-worshipping, miss korea drag queen prancing for loose change on seoul's subways... although i'd be a better person if it was. this reminds me, i should invite my mom on board as a guest contributor!


Jon said...

oh you kokes. at first glance i thought that was you, but the arms are too skinny on that guy. kimi sent me an article about the south korean govt leaving 'glbt' out of the anti-discrimination legislation. how does that make you feel? think it could come back and pass in a year or so?

though we shouldn't give s. koke so much shit. washington didnt pass its until last year.

Anonymous said...

and um, the reason i even mentioned the anti-discrim bill was BECAUSE of an earlier post i read here. jonith pays attention.

matt said...

i love how he still wears his thick rimmed black glasses, like every good korean young man. i'm surprised he left his baseball cap at home. the combo is standard issue uniform here.