22 December 2007

introducing soko's #1 lesbian!

you go girl. (photo from yonhap news)

komo freedom fighters rejoice!

choi hyun-sook (최현숙), chair of the democratic labor party's (민주노동당) coalition of civic groups for sexual minorities, has at long last outed herself and declared her candidacy for the upcoming congressional campaign. she seeks to represent seoul's jongro district, which is symbolically very important to koreans (as well as being home to dozens of seoul's oldest gay haunts hidden among its winding alleys). no chance she can win, but the media is already taking note.

i saw her speak at the yonsei university emergency meeting last month, and she was involved with the protests against the anti-discrimination bill's omission of homos. this is truly huge for a korean politician to publicly out herself as a loud and proud lesbian. a rare (but gradually more common!) example of a courageous local... no more excuses wimpy boys! woohoo!

as always, thanks to my buddy lee chung woo for the heads up.

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