30 November 2007

korea's penis park

a pantheon of penises. (with a view!)

i'm glad that i live in a country that has a penis park. i'm especially pleased that my current nation of residence has a 400-year tradition of sculpting penises. and i'm happy that recently, it has divided its "world penis crafting contest" into two programs- one for amateurs (30 cm x 10 cm) and another for professionals (360 cm x 35 cm). i will go to gangwondo province's samcheok city one of these days and i hope that you will join me.

military penises.

nobody likes a crazy penis.

that's hot.


Yoo-dit said...

that IS hot. in addition to my hairy butthole ?, i have another: are most korean men circumcised?

matt said...

sorry for the delayed response. i know you'll be disappointed to hear this, but yes, most are. blame america.