07 January 2008

a cure for writer's block?

she pretty.

like a spoilt brat, my mother's husband surprised me silly by buying me a brand new imac for xmas. i thought gifts were for kids? sure, my powerbook g4 is over four years old, but it still works. but now with my mister sister wireless keyboard/mouse 2.4 ghz suped up memory 20-inch bright ass screen built-in cam pretty thang on my desktop, no more excuses for not getting the book done, eh?


Jon said...

oooh pretty girl! christ-ho got one just like it for christmas too!

hopefully it does turn out to cure writer's block. and judy masthead-designer's block.

Charles said...

hey dude,

i just got your comment, but for some reason it wouldn't load. anyway, i'll see you for sure next week. haven't really been speaking with damien lately, so yeah, feel free to invite him if you want. can't wait!