20 January 2008

nyc I: food

eating good food should always be a priority when visiting new york. a few of the many yummy highlights:

a→ spicy bloody mary (x2) [mesa grill]
b→ barbeque pork and oaxaca cheese quesadilla with hot and sweet cabbage relish [mesa grill]
c→ steamed pork shumai [kelley+ping]
d→ fried squid with salt and pepper [new pasteur]
e→ rough cut raw tuna nachos with mango hot sauce and avocado crema [mesa grill]
f→ thai soft-shelled crab [sri pra phai]
g→ pumpkin soup with cinnamon crema and pomegranate [mesa grill]
h→ panang beef curry [sri pra phai]
i→ pad se ew pork with noodles [sri pra phai]
j→ kamjatang [kunjip]
k→ chilled caramelized grapefruit with blackberry-mint salad [mesa grill]
l→ 8 cheese plate with olives and warm toasted bread (+wine) ['ino]
m→ barbeque pork with vermicelli [new pasteur]
n→ crispy thai catfish meat salad [sri pra phai]
o→ scrambled eggs chilaquiles with roasted tomatillo sauce, white cheddar cheese and sour cream [mesa grill]
p→ tropical fruit salad with guava lime sorbet [mesa grill]

b bar+grill (sorta delicious)
americana $$
40 e 4th st nyc

gama (sorta delicious)
korean $$
12 st marks place nyc

'ino (delicious)
italian $$
21 bedford st nyc

kelley+ping (not delicious)
pan-asian $$
127 greene st nyc

kunjip (delicious)
korean $$
9 west 32nd st nyc

le pain quoitidien (delicious)
french $$
10 fifth ave nyc

los dos molinos (sorta delicious)
mexican $$
119 e 18th st nyc

mesa grill (delicious)
texmex $$$
102 fifth ave nyc

new pasteur (delicious)
viet $$
85 baxter st nyc

sri pra phai (delicious)
thai $$
64-13 39th ave woodside (queens)


Jon said...

purty pictures and graphics work on these two posts. when i'm back in j-land in march, i'm investing in the adobe suite.

majenta k said...

that's great you're not one of those really really horrible people who download illegal software...