24 January 2008

nytimes' "korean experience" weekend

my apartment in seoul. no, actually the pic is from a 2006 nyt article about korean saunas (photo by tina fineberg).

aieeesh! just one weekend too late...

as part of its ongoing "weekend in new york" feature, this weekend's nytimes makes restaurant, museum and spa recommendations for folks interested in enjoying the "korean experience" in the big apple (video version here.)

thanks a lot, guys. i could have used the lee kyung hee museum of korean culture heads up prior to my own nyc holiday. oh well... next time.

here's my favorite part of the article:

inspa world, a crazy, flashy, 60,000-square-foot monster spa that opened last year in the college point neighborhood next to flushing. there, tackiness and technology become one in a fantasyland of wacky saunas and bubbling hot pools of all shapes and sizes... everyone... prances around in inspa uniforms, orange for women and blue-gray for men, sort of like an ultra-low-security prison.
i love it! this reminds me that i need to find me a jjimjilbang (찜질방) buddy when i get back to seoul.


C.Lou said...

That was an interesting video. Hey, when you get a chance show me how to funk out my blog.

matt said...

sure. lemme know what you want help with. xo