09 February 2008

emerald city encore

thanks to the redux extension, i headed back to seatown one more time to see family and friends before boston and then seoul. not much to say, just some photos...

a typical gray winter sunday in seattle.

not sure why this pic turned out so cool... aside from the lovely lasses in it, of course.

delicious brunch at capitol hill's crave.

beautiful people.

me and sashyama with seattle's new international district/chinatown gate.

a quick clip of some lunar new year hijinx in seattle's international district/chinatown district. a very multiracial crew of lion dancers cast away bad luck while collecting donations.


Jonith said...

that looks like a pretty good gate, as far as chinatown gates go.

the kimi & marisa pic is a stunner. i dragged it onto my desktop.

matt said...

ya, rah rah seattle. the placement is a little random and the sino-am community is yet again trying to stake their sole claim to the hood.... but whatever. it's pretty.