27 March 2008

konglish encore: gay food

i love these. as an addendum to an earlier post on the topic, some curiously homo konglish food products for your pleasure:

for those of you who need a homo english primer, a "potato queen" is a gay guy (usually asian) who typically only dates white guys. a big box of these should be mailed back to the states, where i'm sure they'd be popular (photo from here).

i bet these are delicious (photo from here).

hmmm looks like someone couldn't resist and already popped this can o' dick sticks open. i wonder what they taste like. and i also wonder how this name was conceived/approved.


Anonymous said...

fuckin' hilarious!

more Konglish, more!

matt said...

whoa. language!

i'd like to have some chinese readers.

Will said...

freekin' hilarious!