14 March 2008

white day

white day crap for sale on a street in edae. ps: lately my neighborhood has been overrun with foursomes in neon lycra and colorful wigs with a plus, minus, multiplication sign or obelus and fake guns. i think they are promoting math... or something.

maybe it's just the sickness passing, but it's been a gorgeous past few days. the yellow dust and thick thick smog are elsewhere (china?) and the balmy spring temps have my terrace door ajar and even inspired a (quickly aborted) short-sleeved shirt.

anyhow, on the endless korean holiday front, today is white day (화이트데이) in korea, japan and taiwan. white day is valentine's day's spoiled little sister. last month on v-day, girls gave their boys gifts (often chocolate). today, it's payback time, but guys are expected to triple the value of their girlfriend's gift... so ditch the chocolate in favor of jewelry. thank god (again) that i'm a homosexual.

i'm a bigger fan of black day, which arrives this time next month. on april 14, me and my fellow singles will gather over plates of black noodles (jjajangmyeon 짜장면) and take delight in our singled emancipation.

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