27 April 2008

hi seoul festival! kick-off parade

please join me for the kick-off parade for the hi seoul festival's spring season!

since 2003, seoul city has celebrated itself through a wide variety of events and activities for koreans and foreigners, alike. as i've mentioned previously, this year's spring festival is being coordinated by my friend, ahn eun-me. anyhow, next tuesday sunday, may 4th at 4:00 pm, please join me for an opening event of the spring 2008 hi seoul festival. the manmindaerorak (만민대로락) or street parade, will feature artistic displays and performances, including a korean mask dance, a flamenco float performance, and a giant Joseon dynasty marionette king. let's go together!

rsvp here.


thwany said...

looks fun.

matt said...

ya... i'd like to go but turns out i'll probably be out of town. but, each night of the festival there's supposed to be after parties on the front lawn of city hall, which will include music and a laser-generated huge "digital palace" or something. i'm looking forward to checking it out. too bad you in nyc.