13 May 2008

snapshot #4: absolut seoul

found inside a daegu bar.

i have no idea what this means or how it relates to seoul. your insight would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

(Hi, I like the pictures on your blog)

This one's a Korean style kite 연(I guess you already know that, sorry). We actually used to make those when I was a kid (20 years ago?), and fly them on the winter holidays (설 thru 대보름). but not sure about these days.

Sakari said...

Wouldn't this be an ad for Absolut (alcoholic) beverages? See www.absolut.com.

Imi said...

Kokoflows are krazy - why do they do anything?...that's my nihon-centric $.02 :)

matt said...

howdy y'all,

thankfully i have not been sequestered in a cave for the past 10 years, so the vodka connection was made :) but the korean kite connection was not so thanks for the heads up!

making and flying kites next new year sounds fun.

matt said...

oh, and miss imi, there's plenty of evidence that your folks are proof of aliens on earth. we've gone over this before. geesh. xo

Jonith said...

wow this is the first time i've seen a BD-Magenta scuffle on this particular site. i want more.

re: weird vodka kite... who knows. all you asians are crazzz. something about the tone & character-based languages make all y'all hard to relate to. s'why the flips don't fit in so well in asiatica. the manila absolut ad makes sense.

matt said...

dear, dear judy,

i know the iron curtain did terrible things to the education system in your tiny armpit of eastern europe (i can never remember your homeland's name- probably because it always struck me as sounding more like a fiefdom than a bonafide nation with culture), but korean aint tonal and it's an alphabet. i'd share the real reason why flips don't fit in here but i'm sure i'd regret it. kisses. xo