20 May 2008

snapshot #5: lunchtime

looks like lunch time.

last week i had the opportunity to work on the tv side of kbs for the first time. no, i didn't get to anchor the news... just editing and voice-over work for the morning news program. as usual first days can be a little hectic, but the change of pace was nice.

oh, and guess what, while wandering around incheon a coupla weekends back, i finally turned my camera's time stamp function off (see above). for a while i thought the added info was nice, but sometimes it spoilt the mood. time to try something new.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you are aware, but every time you take a picture with a digital camera, the date, time and all that photographic stuff like F-Stop, aperture is recorded inside the photo.
It's very rare to find a picture viewing program that can't show this info, so hard coding the date and time on a photo is a little retro.

Cheers from Melbourne, Austalia
P.S Keep up the good work, I like your blog

matt said...

retro, eh? how about just ignorant?^^

but if a viewer downloaded one of my images from the site, this info would not be available, right?

anyhow thanks for the info!