09 June 2008

customer satisfaction

my people like a good protest (photo from nyt).

i had a really big american steak yesterday. cooked medium-creutzfeldt-jakob-pink, just how me likes it.

but from what i can tell here in the hazy confines of the suburban usa midwest fat oprahjesus peopleland, all hell has broken loose in my beloved soko and a coup d'état is in the works thanks to a row over us beef imports and arrogant presidents and pushy america... hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest and lee myung bak's entire cabinet offered to resign!

dramatic?! yes!! and yet, this falls into the category of "huge issues in korea that i'm not compelled to write about"....

... hmmm ...

nope, still not interested.

in more important news, what i take from the meagre feedback to my inaugural poll is that my kooky dear readers are primarily perverted homos who also love maps and plants! talk about separated at birth! let's plan a conference!

official results:
mmmm... it's totally scientific!

the results are even more lopsided since 2 of the 3 votes for "nobody knows i'm gay" are from me (testing the poll) and my sister (we have the same dumb sense of humor).

but the very tender conclusion i take from this is your beneficent pardon of my map and plant posts. i'm humbled and giddy.

p.s. this is another whiskey-influenced post.


corextacy said...

i actually had a nice steak myself with my family yesterday :)

i started my internship at MBC. i'll tell you more about it when you come back to "soko" (it makes korea sound so fancy). OH by the way, do you know Jason Mraz? i think i told you about him before. well he is coming to korea August 1st and 2nd. u wanna go with me to his concert? i think the ticket is about $60-70. lemme know soon so that i can buy his tickets ASAP.

Jonith said...

the maps and plants have been some of my favorite posts!

at the moment, though, this blog is in desperate need of some seattle-side debauchery visuals.

matt said...

hey hoon,
the concert sounds fun. count me in.^^ i'm free after 7 on the 1st and open on the 2nd, if that helps you decide which tickets to buy. xo

and ms. jonnither, i'm sorry about the visuals. like a dummy i left my camera-laptop adapter at home :( so you'll have to wait for asian american five-some pics and a beautiful sketch of a lion mounting a man at the cuff. xo

Jonith said...

was it a five-some of full asian-americans (and you)? or did it include other hapas as well? as you know, that totally changes my level of enthusiasm.

bring on the cuff's bear-beast action any day though.

p.s. did you ever know smoky and luna?

corextacy said...




maybe worth a post :) otherwise, it's just interesting to look at.

corextacy said...
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Imi said...

I agree with Jonith - maps and plants have been my favs too! Oh and anything with the OCD tag...duh. People at work are starting to tease me about my krazy analysis skills and how much I love it. Good thing we don't have binders here or they would have to put a muzzle and shock collar on me. Oh and cheers to your drunken post!

Imi said...

Oh - almost forgot. I LOVE your people's protest. Absolutely amazing. It almost went up on the happy hour blog with a kudos to your peeps, but it never made it....it wasn't about prozac and cats.