28 July 2008

look who dragged in the cat!

i hear that bundang is like the paris of korea (joke).

on sunday my social prospects improved dramatically when miss cindy arrived in seoul. born here but away for the past 30 years, she's back to fulfill a 2-year teaching contract (not english!) and to connect with family and the motherland. we go way back and our tandem goofiness knows no bounds.

this electronic progress report reminded me of hong kong international airport's train. i was giddy to see that one day soon it will reach my vicinity.

nearly 7 hours of sunday was spent fetching cat #2 and a missing bag from the korean air cargo and passenger terminals. each of the subway, shuttle bus, airport limousine and taxi legs and pit stops in-between were smooth thanks to cindy's papers being in order and very pleasant airport personnel. along the way, we took the "arex" airport train for the first time between gimpo and incheon airports. it was a little slow, but clean and well-done. yea korea.

now that my sister of another mother has landed, let the circus begin!


Imi said...

Sweet! That is so sweet Mz Cindy is over there for 2 years...Is she living in the same city with you? Tell her hi for me :)

Jonith said...

hi to ms. cindy 'i outed you to her' howe! hugs and stank faces for days.

Jonith said...

also -- at some point, we should talk about the highly conspicuous segregation of your comment section.

matt said...

i'll pass along yer tandem well wishes to miss howe for you both. on another note, i'm very curious about this "segregation" comment. let's talk about it soon. at the very least, please explain. kisses. hugs, et al.

Marc said...

great. now' we'll never hear from you!