17 July 2008

man plan: for love of country

my my, i think i should cleanse that nasty scratch on your rippling abdomen (pic from the joongang daily).

to celebrate (memorialize?) man plan's most promising but impossible prospect, i'd like to honor mr. hoon with some posts prior to his untimely departure.

you see, in about two weeks, the man plan allstar will leave civilian life for a 22-month stint in the korean army. much like his brethren above, he, too, will be forced to mud wrestle half-nekkid with his nation's most virile under the sweltering summer sun.

photos like this one make me think perhaps it's my patriotic half-duty to volunteer as his replacement. plus, i think i have a couple of friends who would like to see my abusive self get humiliated while naked and in the mud. hi, kimi! thanks for your support! oh yeah, and summer ain't the only season for koko shirtless conditioning (here and here).

sorry, i got off task. anyhow, i don't think it will be all bad, dear hoon. and even if it is, do the selfless thing... show your patriotism, and please bring your fatigues home on those long weekends... xo


Hoon said...

thank you matt. thank you. this made my day.

Joanna said...

why impossible?

Christopher Kalie said...

as much as what i enjoy your rather robust sense of humor, don't you find your obsession with labels, stats and stereotypes dibilitating as a writer?

it's like you need to keep your mind in your order by creating neat rows of boxes, probably cataloguing each thought using the dewey decimal system.

my personal take on life - life's too relative. it's super exhausting and energy expending fragmenting one's mind like that.

yeah sure, there's elegance in doing this and your writing style is remarkably elegant - but what about those sparks of completely random connections that ignite inspiration?

people love to say, "think out of the box." is it possible that there simply is NO box?

matt said...

hi christopher,

your memo should be showcased as the perfect blog comment... flattering while constructively critical. thank you!

hmmm... i love trying to use (pseudo) empirical means to make some quirky kind of sense of what is pretty damn random. rather than feeling constrained by labels, stats and stereotypes (well put!), i find the creative process of discovering natural boundaries and finessing life into them fun and inspiring.

i'm sure the truly "left-brained" would scoff at my silly boxes, which, by the way, are more about creating pretty visuals in photoshop than anything else.

anyhow, thanks again for your comment!