14 August 2008

new beginnings


dear friends,

i write you from a state of hurt and confusion, but make no mistake about it, it is also a place of certainty.

this afternoon, i came home from work expecting to see lucky (my intern) hard at work preparing today's olympic posts. as you know, my nice day! had secured a lucrative contract from the korean government to publicize the korean olympic effort through the lens of a half-breed homo foreigner. six days in, my supervisor's blatant homophobia had transformed into a firm grip on my upper thigh and, i think, his tongue on my hairline. needless to say, it has been a heady and chaotic 6 days, which is why (and i'm still processing things, to be honest) i didn't (couldn't?) see how everything was impacting lucky (my intern).

this morning i gave lucky several new olympic features that we were set to unveil during week 2. they would enhance the current line-up of daily previews and medal reviews, jang watch and the outfit olympiad. well, after a hard 1.5 hour day at kbs, i come home to find not an outbox filled with completed tasks, but a computer screen of japanese porn and sim city. feelings of rage and betrayal - shocking in their intensity - overtook me.

i've had a few hours to reflect, and now i regret how my howls of anger combined with a yelping japanese bottom on my mac drowned out lucky's hacking gasps for air as he/she/it expired in my half-size refrigerator. needless to say, my nice day's olympic coverage is on indefinite hiatus.

i know, i know. it's not my fault. lucky (my intern) was already in a bad place thanks to a slew of misfortune (some biological others poorly manufactured). sometimes a little taste of the absurd is what breaks us out of the cloudy funk, but i think this project was lucky's last gasp (no pun intended) - one last chance to see if life matters, if it's real.

obviously, everything still feels very new. i'm going to give myself this weekend to process everything. on tuesday i'll probably clean the fridge. hopefully the actual scrubbing will also metaphorically cleanse my anger. i'm all about new beginnings! thanks for your understanding. feel free to leave comments for lucky's time capsule.

pax romana,

matt kelley


Jonith said...

broke your camera?

Imi said...

procrastinating on your work?

Marisa said...


Brian said...

but where will i get my play by play recaps for team soko??? :( damn you, sim city! japanese bottoms are okay though.

matt said...

ha no. camera #4 is still safe... tho i can't find the lens cap.

and yes, totally procrastinating.

ack, indeed.

sorry, brian. i guess you'll have to make do with more conventional sources :( xo

Jonith said...

an epic email chain between three cancerians and a scorpio, which i will never forward you, now exists b/c of this post.

what gives?

annalog said...

The Korean commentary finally got to you, didn't it? I will miss your hilarious commentary, but I suppose I can always catch the South Korean, winners, I mean, athletes on TV. Thanks for watching.

matt said...

yikes, it's an intervention! leave it to three cancerians to go into hyper-empathy mode. i hope the scorpio pulled the reins back on this pity pony.

i'm fine, kids. just got tired of all the empty posting. a time management issue. i'm concerned about how much of lucky in the fridge was taken literally.

sure, mankub's departure has intensified the malaise a bit, but all is fine. fall is koko's glory season and i'm looking forward to it.

in summary, thanks for your concern! i'm ok! xo

matt said...

hey annalog. thanks, and special for your shout out to jang watch. we'll all still be watching, of course. i think she loves jesus, so our support is superfluous.

jho said...

you have no idea. suffice it to say, it was indeed epic. you would have appreciated the full-on panic mode of the jimwhores cancerian support group.

matt said...

praise jesus you were there to roll your eyes o'er cyberspace and temper their tempest. tanks! xo

Imi said...

Praise jesus --- are you turning into a koko that loves jesus, Mr. KokoLover3000?

Joanna said...

what the eff?