10 August 2008

olympics day 2: the ladies' turn

i'm not sure why i think i'm the preeminent news outlet for homo-tinged soko olympic coverage, but... i do. and with my embarrassing snapshots of my tv screen as royalty-free art, i'm terribly "cutting-edge".

the foregone conclusion in women's team archery. i love how they kept wearing their visors despite the overcast sky... in koko, ain't no such thing as fun in the sun.

the sorceresses - park sung-hyun, yoon ok-hee and joo hyun-jung - beat china (was there ever any doubt?) 224-215 to win soko's sixth consecutive olympic gold in women's team archery. they set a new world record in their semi-final match. these ladies are fierce. you can tell they know they're going to win. yoon ok-hee sports full face makeup, a pink bow and a pink breast protector decorated with teddy bears and hearts. the french team... doesn't.

yoon ok-hee dominates in full maquillage.

the frenchies took bronze in archery but won gold in looking like stereotypical lesbatrons! congratulations!

koko fans are koko-krazy.

in other news, the 22-year-old yoon jin-hee won silver in the 53-kg weightlifting competition with a total of 213-kgs lifted. she was second to jaroenrattanatarakoon prapawadee of thailand (good lawd them thai names!). dear europe: short hair can be cute. see below!

the second cutest female wrestler i've seen thus far (who's #1? jang jang jang mi ran!).

since we have an extra moment, how about we check in on how our island-snatching neighbor to the east is doing?

wait. where's japan? i can't find it... oh, ok. there it is. waaay down past zimbabwe and belarus...


Jonith said...

judy wants to be jang jang jang mi ran's stylist and image maker. or secretary for the jang jang jang mi ran fan club!

i enjoy the photos of your korean brand tv.

and oooh meow on the nihon cattiness. germama aint doing much better. their last good olympics was 92 in barcelona when they co-opted the former DDR athletes (and their east german blood chemistry).

Joanna said...

yer funny.

matt said...

sissy: thanks! baby jesus i should have my xmas trip itinerary figured out this week. i'll let ya know. miss y'all. xo

matt said...

higz: i can totally connect judy with jang jang. in the meantime, i'll find out when she's competing and we should have a round the world routing squad. in fact... if you and bdkymm can take photos of yourselves saying "go jang mi-ran!" or something with a bkgnd showing you're in a foreign land, how much you want to bet the korean media will cover it? xo


matt said...

of course i meant "rooting" squad. a "routing" squad would be very unsportsman-like.

Joanna said...

I don't think we get these sports shown on tv over here. annoying. I wanted z to see soko DOMINATING. miss you too! ps, gave z bangs.

matt said...

not that zzz needs any more proof that she dominates, but ya, it would be nice for her to see them. i bet you can watch video on nbcolympics.com, and there will be clips on youtube from the rabid koko fans. xo