16 January 2009

travel somewhere else

while lucky was sleeping, i hadn't totally divorced myself from blogging. for work purposes, in september i created a travel and culture blog called www.DiscoveringKorea.com, which just happens to be the name of my paltry radio show on kbs. it's funny what happens when your blog doesn't talk obsessively about homosexuality and pretend interns who die in your refrigerator...

like job offers!

some of y'all will no doubt recognize the new blog's precursor- yup, it was nice day's very own "field trip" posts. so if you liked the soko travel shiz, head o'er yonder cuz from here on out, my nice day is out with the travel content in pursuit of full-time campy ramblin'.


Jonith said...

without the travel posts, how does nice day plan on differentiating herself from pop-id?

Anonymous said...

i'm at a pc cafe at hwa-cheon right now. i still have two hours left till i have to return to the base. i really really really don't wanna go back. oh poo.. hope your sickness is gone now. wish we could have hung out more during my short break. :(


Anonymous said...

oh, forgot one thing.

강원도 화천군 화천읍 상3리
사서함 104-8호 제2621부대 헌병대
7사단 헌병 이병 배도훈

is my address in the army. :)

- hoon

matt said...

ugh, aint that the question of my century. gimme some time to work it out. xo

matt said...

howdy hoon,
ya it was all kinda a buzz kill but shilla lunch wasn't the same without you. good luck defending the mudderland and a care pkg will be in the mail shortly! xo