07 February 2009

exodus pix #2: londontown

st. paul. strikingly large. sandblasted?

to be honest, london was my least favorite exodus pit stop, but i did enjoy some remarkable jerk chicken and was thankful for the cheap internet cafés. pix pix pix.

the ubiquitous surveillance was creepy.

mmmm urban planning! a highlight was the (expensive) transport museum. did you know the word "bus" was first used in london? an abbreviation of the latin "omnibus", meaning "for everyone."

compared to paris's seine, the thames is a real river.

no british napoleon means poor city planning. downtown london is nutz.

met these fine specimens~ a malaysian studying at the london school of economics and two aussie lassies. here we are on a really cold night sitting on big wooden benches outside on the street. it seemed like a curious place to drink a pint. so we did.


jeanny said...

The Thames might be a real river, but it smells atrocious! I can't stand brown water. Ewwww...

Looks like it was fun-- makes me want to go to London!

matt said...

hey there, i'll admit that smell is probably my least acute sense, but i don't recall any nasty smells... i'll have to take a closer whiff next time.

Anonymous said...

mm i really like the photos!
marsha xoxo

matt said...

i'm marsha! you must be narsha. xo