05 February 2009

man plan: long live the king!

we met via a website whose name is so horrible i can't bear to share it. no, it's not jdate.com. and no, i'm not anti-semitic. jesus christ, some artistic leeway please!

despite it's many entertaining twists, turns and slaps, i'm here to announce that manplan 2008 has ended. it's not only because it's '08 namesake has ended or because seung-ri from big bang has become too famous to return my phone calls, but because, lo and mofo beho-ld... i'm coupled.

let's harken back to that warm afternoon on sept. 17th when i wasn't fat but dressed like a convicted g.i. on work release (does that exist?). sure, i'm the mix-blooded descendant of north korean pig farmers and he's part of korea's last royal family. it's totally prince and the pauper. lucky for me, i hear that royals the world over these days rebel via shenanigans with the peasant class. thanks to his korean fluency, my washing machine got fixed a few days back.

oh, and don't worry. i'm well aware of how annoying blogging homos with boyfriends usually are. consequently, i'll do my best to seem single and will keep rapidly aging all the same.


Abby Rhodes said...

What, no PIC!??!?!? You know every superficial one of us out here wants to see what the lucky lady look like!

matt said...

actually i had one but i'm lame and couldn't figure out how to get it off my phone and onto my computer. the king says i need to download software. how much u want to bet it won't work on a mac, eh? xo

vodka protein shake said...

Uh....what happened to 19 year old KY's best friend?

matt said...

he's one in the same, manfriend. and only perverts date 19 year olds. he's 21 in korea, which means that in the usa he's...

re: vodka protein shakes, did you ever take protein powder? i have vague recollections of that. the thought that either of us would deliberately add calories to our meals right now is hilarious. this daddy fat! xo

elf said...

OMG!!! Are you friends with Seung-Ri! I loveee Big Bang. Specially Seung-Ri he is such a cutie.