01 February 2009

post-norko freedom fighter

i feel safer now, again (pic by the king).

there's a cool, brooklyn based-mag called theme that explores global asian culture. i had wanted to write for them but felt like my clips n tears books wasn't in order yet (that's "tears" as in rhymes with "pears" not "peers." damn homonyms.)

but jesus sensed my sloth so lo and behold i get an email from their editor who was in search of someone to interview and write an article about the very lovely choi hyun-mi (최현미). her family escaped from north korea in 2004, and three years later (at 17) she became the world boxing association's women's featherweight champion.

she's polite and confident, charming and socially agile. talking with her can feel like sparring. she's unafraid of eye contact and physically leans forward while filling silences with verbal jabs. during our interview, as i regained my wits she'd retreat with a playful compliment and a sweet smile.

anyhow, she's a perfect example of someone you want to succeed. it probably ain't kosher to post the article until it's published. but until theme's april/may issue comes out, here's a link to an nyt profile of her from last fall.

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