06 March 2009

exodus pix #3: stockholm

"nesta... stockholm!"

since i'm such a shitty blogger, and thanks to impatient transplant germaphiles, all i can assemble is exodus pics encore. but before allemagne, here's stockholm and vicinity. it was really cold. really dark. but still a lovely city with smart and pretty people.


winter recess in stockhom. no, really. those are children playing outside in reflective vests at 3 pm.

the moderna museet displays an impressive collection of modern art in simple exhibits that don't try too hard. the adjoining architecture museum had great exhibits on local design as well as photos of gaudi's cathedral in barcelona, not to mention a great gift shop.

the lil island of gamla stan was fun. disneyland x2 in what already looked a bit like disneyland. sorry, i know this is why people hate americans.

gorge door.

as luck would have it, i met a swede for a hot second in korea and invited him to my birthday dinner. 2 months later i'm staying at his home, no matter that he was traveling at the time. his house was way out west. and like my london couchsurfing experience, it was great to see life outside perfectville downtown. the tram was filled mostly with middle eastern and african immigrants. totally not the aryan swedes i had expected.

another snapshot from the hood.


Judy said...

looks like alemania before it was carpet-bombed. not to downplay the prettiness of stockholm, but these pictures help me appreciate the sometimes ugly mid-century aesthetic common in deutschney land. sometimes the cuteness of the world's paris's and amsterdams really is too much.

glad i finally got to see the reflector children.

matt said...

we're opinion twins on this one. bz the waz, so impressed by your blogging resurgence. can i have some? xo

Judy said...

don't know where it comes from (and where it goes). wish i knew how to share, b/c yes, my nice day! needs some lovin from you.

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