13 June 2009

komos, part 1

it's that time of year again. i arrived at the 10th annual korea queer culture festival cranky and ready to have all of my korean homo pathologies confirmed. but then i saw the boys and girls of rateen, the korean teen queer group did their very naughty dancing on stage and the 50-something guy who looked just like any other cranky ajussi (middle aged man)... except for his bright red lipstick and 50-something boyfriend.

back in love.

a lil french, a lil harajuku, a lil amish... global korea!

this doesn't really make sense, but seems like it should!

a coupla homos representing one of korea's oldest gay men's groups, chingusai ("between friends")


you gotta fight for your rights! (but please don't take my photo) a ubiquitous, frustrating and... i guess... understandable part of korean "pride" events is that most people don't want their pics captured.

[photo removed by request of someone on behalf of someone else on behalf of someone else else who thought those pictured probably wouldn't want to be identifiable. welcome to korea.]

restored my faith in (korean) homo humanity. founded 2 years prior by two homo teens, the 2,000 member strong youth queer group rateen is helping ensure the next generation of komos won't be as messed up in the head as the last!

i'd take buddhists over christians any day.

thanks, dad.

ok, time to get ready for part two: bootyshaking with the ladies at the pulse after party. wish my special man could come ㅜ ㅜ

let's make connections: a post on 2007 kqcf


Jonith said...

they're so cute.

have fun tonite, komo.

more pictures please.

Jonith said...

and the queen in the satin gown is all class. she puts nasty judy to shame.

Brian said...

call me old fashion, but seeing an ajushi sport leather is still a little..uncomfortable for me.

thwany said...

this looks like so much fun.