09 July 2009

impromptu jesusland!

is impromptu jesusland better than no jesusland at all?

apparently i'm at that age when one's parents have catastrophic illness since i'm flying out in a few hours to help pops convalesce after an aneurysm/stroke. i don't know the difference yet. early signs suggest he had the good kind of good kind of stroke, which is... good. regardless of our ability/willingness to deal, perhaps nothing else ushers in middle age more than beginning the parent care biznass. that's why we're here, right? those of you in the priors, celebrate! those of you in the know (ms. californication), well... i dunno what to say.


Jonith said...

Just saw MW's email, which alerted me to your blog (was shocked, because I checked just earlier today). I hope that you're doing OK and am confident that your father will get through this fine. Your being there will help I'm sure. Let us (me, Judy, Christ-Ho) know if there's anything we can do to help (Judy care packages, medical info, etc.). Safe trip.

matt said...

what would i do without my cancerian concern corps?!

i'm totally ok, he's pretty ok and getting better. i think a new imovie series of judy sightseeing in very un-special places in europe and her thinking everywhere doesn't stand up to her eastern euro hamlet would really speed recovery. thanks. xo

Jonith said...

haha -- we'll see what we can do.

at worst, you'll get her lipsyncing something in an elegant strapless black number.

Anonymous said...

those shoulders create quite a burden for hapless straps. it's not fair.

Anonymous said...

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matt said...

isn't it funny how some email addresses just make you think of words like "swoon" and "snob"? is it the wine?