23 July 2009

thanks, shilla.

thanks to language barriers, the king and i prefer to communicate via espresso art.

a birthday is a great excuse to do the shilla lunch buffet, a 60,000-won ($48) date with painful gluttony. ma tum feels permanently stretched. happy birthday queen abby! xo


Hoon said...

heyy. i'm comin to seoul aug 6th-10th. will you be around? would lov to hang out with you and abby ~ :)

King Narsha said...

didn't know my third! finger was
there kkk
well, u know my mind~
:) xoxo

Anonymous said...

does saturday sound good?


matt said...

well... isn't this awkward!

BurtonKorea said...

Was it $60 for both of you? Where is the buffet?