31 December 2009

goodbye world!

hark! after spending a bizzy morning doing things totally unrelated to my job here at the tourism cubicle, i'm leaving town in 6 minutes to meet the king and head on down to gyeongju and then gampo to watch the new years sunrise tomorrow AM in typical korean jan. 1 fashion.

so, in lieu of a proper new year's post, wishing you all a safe and fun eve and it's really ominous to start the next decade wretching and confused so drink plenty of water tonight. xo


Anonymous said...

happy new year buddy! i have a break from jan 6th - 12th, if your gonna be around i'd love to hangout :)

Anonymous said...

from hoon(above message)

Adam W said...

I have plans to get (illegally) wasted. Metaphor for the year to come? I think so.

Happy New Year.

matt said...

hey hoon. sorry i missed u :(
leaving for the usa tomorrow and have been busy and neglecting my blog of late. how was your vacation?