26 December 2009

i love america's military footprint

the american military is almost like magic!

let's say the king isn't the world's best planner. and maybe he means well but is a bit of a procrastinator. imagine his shock when he couldn't get dinner reservations at a nice place for christmas when he called on christmas eve!

on! and judy doesn't live here. that's when the u.s. military saves the day (he and i have re-enacted mcarthur's incheon offensive many times! ... huh?) anyway, thanks to america's military occupation of korea, in a clutch with christmas almost in the shitter, i called my new friends at the dragon hill deli, and after placing an order for real down home fixins' at 10:30, they were ready for pick up at noon at gate 17 of the yongsan military garrison.

who ate this meal for 10? just us, but leftovers were always the best part of t-day and x-mas, no?


Adam W said...

Merry Christmas. :)

Your meal reminds me of the MRE's I use to eat as a kid on Camp Pendleton. :O

matt said...

MREs? c'mon now, these aren't even freeze dried... or maybe those were an earlier rendition. pa and i used to take them on our hunting and camping trips.

Judy said...

quite the spread, thanks USA! i don't think even judy could put all that together. was it still hot?

i wanna kall you kelly from now on.

merry christmas!

matt said...

not hot, but warm!
kall me kelly? i would have loved that as a kid. all the white kids had nicknames, but not me. i was always first+last, as in "have you seen matt kelley?" woe is my asian american maleness. har.