15 January 2010

baby it's cold outside

i love this time of year (click for larger)!

taking off for a 2-week stint in jesusland tomorrow.

but before i leave, here's a lil 'tis the season pic. whenever it gets really cold (and it's been really cold), korea's armed forces take their shirts off to show how tough they are. as a fervent leg fetishist, i think really tough guys take their pants off, too.

maybe next year!

so, which one do you like best?

remember this time last year?
or the good ole days of 2007?


Adam W said...

It's been hot here. I hate it.

Definitely prefer last years. It was all kinky and whatnot, with the guys on the ground and the guys on top of them grabbing their heads. Plus I have an armpit thing, and the one where the guy is arching is back is like heaven. Don't ask.

Have fun in Jesusland.

Anonymous said...

Can we see a mugshot of the king? It's so much better to see who is fucking you.

Jonith said...

I saw this one the news this morning at the gym -- totally reminded me of A Nice Day. Apparently there is also a children's military group that does this? They showed the men but then also a group of what appeared to be 10-12 year-old boys that were also going through this sort of ... exercise.

Have fun in Jland!

matt said...

hola adam. armpit thing, eh? i think that qualifies as a level 1 fetish. it's not illegal or even uncommon. embrace it! xo

matt said...

dear jonith, it's funny to me what about korea makes the int'l news... naked soldiers and norko's latest missiles.

i think the adolescent camp is to address the fat and degenerative spine conditioned youth whose asses are glued to a chair all day... like me. xo