29 May 2007

myspace why?

pinching makes the best memories.


thanks for caring.

if more people had cared, pants might have kept the online presence where a coterie of netizens rehashed the beer pouring and nipple pinching; where they could continue to post huge photos of elderly german drag queens, and where one particularly feisty ESL alter ego could keep leveling curses and sending e-flames to him (in more ways than one). i miss it already.

but since you two were his only caretakers it seemed too great a burden for even BDKymm's massive, toned and well-oiled shoulders. besides, myspace is sooo american, and i've moved on to smaller and better things (to be honest, it was deleted in a beer-hazed, OCD-inspired email/social networking housecleaning... but no, no, no regrets!).

so that lonesome night, pants sighed heavily as he reached down to slide his namesakes up from his ankles. he paused, thought better of it, and pushed them back down. encumbered but liberated, he shuffled his patent leather white keds forward until his nose was but 2 centimeters from the door. he paused again and took a deep but silent breath- there was no looking back now. well, maybe just one more time. he shifted his chin to the left until it met the fleshy part above his armpit. just like every tuesday, he blinked hard hoping to coax tears, but just like every tuesday, none came. so be it! in dramatic form he raised his arms above his head and clapped twice, extinguishing the light. the light was myspace.

thank you.


Myrna said...

i don't quite understand how jinjer's derived from judy bjini, but i can say she doesn't like it. that is a particularly fun myspace snapshot. i've been thinking about doing the same thing, but leave it up for the occassional BD Kymm jpeg h.b.

Charles said...

i might follow your lead soon... myspace feels empty without your picture staring out at me.