28 May 2007

the week in summary

from bosch's "the garden of earthly delight". please note the interracial mingling.

hi mama,

today i misdiagnosed #2 for a bong-gu and suffered the consequences (now i'm channeling mom).

off the top of my head i'm not well versed in resale numbers or money laundering but will look into both. let me know about the photoshoot, flip book thing, logos and websites. it's good your man can remind you that malaise is all part of god's greater plan. at least you didn't get sooper sad post-zuzu, like ms. brooke shields!

no, i'm not terribly busy yet, but i've spent the last couple of days scouring the korean interweb for furniture. the selection is terrible. at least when i look online, i don't get snooty employees at apgujeong-dong stores telling me that their store is only for the top 5% of koreans so perhaps i'm in the wrong place. i probably shouldn't have laughed at her when she explained that the couch was 18,000,000 won (over $19,000) because it was made from "virgin german wool". nothing feels like the first shear!!

anyhow, i'm excited to furnish this place. i want to turn the terrace into a jungle! although i was happy when my very sweet halmohnee landlady decided to re-wallpaper the whole place... it's too bad that it's pink and textured. i'm thinking that maybe brown and red are safe bets? please help. i'd send photos but i sat on my camera :(

in other news, i was reminded why i must exercise caution when befriending recent liberal arts college grads. me, this guy, and a young lady were recalling the creepy old white guys preying on compliant pretty young asian guys at itaewon homo clubs and i said that although it grossed me out, i was making assumptions, and in the end, who cares? "the system" sucks but maybe the cute hmong english teacher from MN just liked the attention. i dunno. but he got aggressive, intimated that the mavin years were all for what!?, and then, at the dramatic peak of his performance, he delivered his zinger: "so, do you describe yourself as an activist!?"

um, no.

i also don't label myself an environmentalist, a feminist or someone who wore leopard print lycra thongs in the fifth grade, although i am/i did all three. my track record speaks for itself. i'm tired of people who are personally offended that i'm no longer at mavin or obsessed with mixed stuff anymore. what have they done lately and why shouldn't my perspective and priorities change? it's called growing up.

so that's this week in a nutshell. oh, and i've decided that my blog will now mostly be letters to real people instead of letters to imaginary, assumed or invisibly lurking readers on the interweb. it's also problematic, but i think there might just be something less pointless about it. hope u don't mind. like ms. moore, i'm missing you like candy.

ps: take zuzu on a ride to smoothie junction from yours truly!

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