20 May 2007

yellers (not color)

i think that for the most of us who grew up with a lot of yelling, as adults we either become yellers ourselves or we loathe yellers and avoid them. i definitely fall into the latter category, so being in a small room where, for 20 minutes, my cousin and uncle were screaming at each other, was very very irritating.

one of the perks of being an adult is the ability to remove myself from these pointless situations. most agreeable people agree that screaming is not the most effective way to communicate. doing so with a (literally) retarded man is even less promising. i didn't need to be able to understand everything that was being said (although i did recognize some hefty potty talk!). what i did notice was that screaming in gibberish would probably be more effective: expel the energy, withhold the nasty, hurtful words. perhaps i should tape future episodes for a training video on conflict resolution... with retarded people.

driving the few hours back to seoul provided a good opportunity to eat lots of junk food, cool off and speed. i enjoyed cruising at upwards of 150 kph along the dark, uncongested highways from daegu to seoul. surrounded by dramatic hills covered in trees, i had to keep reminding myself where i was. it felt so different from the lights, sounds and congestion of seoul. the best part was the absence of cops. in lieu of them are the occasional cameras that snap speeders' license plates and send the ticket in the mail. the funny thing is that each camera is clearly visible and is preceded by at least 2 signs warning you that they are 2 km and 500 m away! on approach, slow down. once passed, speed up.