26 May 2007

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the view is why i picked this apt. click for larger view.

me and cuz: the cleaning crew. (our t-shirts are amazing)

last night i spent my first night in my new apartment. in lieu of the air con, i opened my terrace door to welcome a cool breeze. instead i invited at least 4 mosquitos to ravage me. it's not all bad. this morning my cousin called to have highspeed internet installed, which it was just a few hours later. i love it. after internet and a costco run, i'm set. in the two days i've been "on my own", i've eaten 5 bowls of cereal and i just made some spaghetti. you can take the half-korean homo out of america, but he's still amurrican.


JoeRy said...

really nice t-shirts,

hello hello !


Jessica Bajudy said...

About time you updated your blog ho. My aunt was getting ready to level another curse.

Anonymous said...

what view???