29 July 2007

dear moesha...

aloha from the throes of a ne asia windstorm that had the nerve to topple my terrace parasol and shatter my candle holders to shambles!!! campy enough?

you sound horrible. re: seoul, i've been adopted by a fierce and fabulous bald looks lesbian but isn't mid-40s dancer who enjoys moderate fame. it's been interesting to hear her take on fame and success. as an amurrican, i assume its a short hop from national to international fanclubs... but being famous here is largely irrelevant outside asia.

on to man-kind, where the ironclad closet is packed with fit boys in cute military getups that reflect their mandatory national service, and "straight" rich gangnam boys who, while drunk on soju, like digits gone southbound. no doubt they'll marry some poor lass and continue drunken homo hookups. two of them have reduced me to whispering "g" when referring to our sexual family on the chance saying the word aloud might ruin their lives forever.

but it ain't all bad. i've been dating a nice boy for a few weeks and i wonder if we're gonna get married. but i'm too old, suspicious and superficial to be giddy and pillow talk has been unpredictable. during one intimate moment he told me that i looked like homer simpson. in an exhausting "explanation conversation" that followed (one among so many), it turns out he was just trying to compliment the size of my eyes. anyhow, he helps me with my korean homework, which is good since last week he explained that i had written, "the dead bitch eats a meal" instead of "i cook dinner."

i'm worried about you. lemme know if you need anything... like a skype call, kimchee or.. more recent acquisitions, like waning ambition and satisfaction with mediocrity.


the guy who has ruined his work said...

unexpectedly, turtle swims fast.

arjuna said...

Finally Homer Simpson is back..:) your absence was greatly missed.. Especially when i have free time online..:p

matt said...

hey there! i'm glad to have you back. whenever i complain about seoul's summer heat and humidity, i think of singapore, and, of course, you. hope all's well.^^

matt said...

... and i don't know how to respond to the turtle comment. but i miss its author terribly :(