28 July 2007

and then ms. eathorne said, "thank god it's friday!"

thumbs? i have two.

if the hand were a chicken, the thumb - from its fleshy pad up to the nail - would be the drumstick. i've long been a fan of dark meat. anyhow i was alarmed when one hock was struck by mysterious bleeding while the other was bent a coupla millimeters shy of spraining.

i'm not sure when the blood came forth, but it was on the stage of a vast lesbian club in hongdae when i was alerted to the mess i was making. by then my hands and forearms looked like i'd slaughtered a real chicken, and dancing how i do, some of the chicken juice was all over me and my friends. the right one, on the other hand, was damaged when it got stuck while i tried to spin a chinese around (i've purpled it for dramatic effect). although i think it was our sole hetero buddy who made the comment about AIDS, i don't recall being bothering by it. maybe that's just the leeway one must afford to the straight and japanese in korea. the causes and effects of injury make for amazing performance art.

i love korea but sarcasm and corny plays on american english are the mainstays of my sense of humor. neither are understood here.

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Tao said...

i've tried to spend more than 1hour to understand this graph even i uesd every single paper of my english dictionary...hhaa,but i know that's the day which i went back to china and i can remember your chicken hand......Tao