23 July 2007

while i wasn't writing...

photos have been at a premium ever since i sat on/dropped x2 my baby canon exilim. so... thanks to joan, party people and that lady at hyundai baekwhajum for the following few snapshots from the past month:

keeping hydrated.

kyopo cousins joan and co. mid-way thru a naughty night at mike's cabin, a bar popular among korean adoptees. as non-adoptees we were getting so much attitude. not really.

originally from malaysia, jungwei was in korea for a month before heading to san diego for school. he's a big sweetheart. (fumbling for korean words, i asked this woman if she would "take a walk", instead of "take a photo." she caught my drift.

a coupla funny pics from party #2. i like the bionic woman and the glowing red reminder of jesus' omnipresence. the highlight of the night was silent dancing to my laptop's meagre output of diana ross.

...and the homos (including a lone white boy!) sitting on the other side of the room just minutes before they left to go stare at each other in itaewon.

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hassan said...

yes, i like them, too.
very attractive people.