10 June 2007

foreigner hijinx... continued

apt and terrace layout


egads! put an old man into language classes and suddenly his endless idle hours vanish! poof!

i write you with an unhappy tummy. not H.B. (for those of you who have been initiated), just yucky tummy... quite different than the carrot-induced "funny tummy". the cause? 2 plastic bags filled with ddukbokee (little tubes of chewy rice cake and odaeng in a thick, red hot sauce) and deep fried ojingo (squid). ugh... i can't tell if these imported euro beers are helping. discomfort aside, all that for less than $5!

i dropped a can of paint on line 2 of the subway. i didnt bother checking for damage until, after walking away to check the route map, i noticed the off-white paint splatters on my shoes, pants and hands. i looked artsy. what was worse was the expanding trail of paint on the subway's green floor. at this point i still didn't comprehend what had happened, although it felt like a crime had been committed and i was the detective. but when i saw the paint store bag with sides expanded leisurely to mold itself to the flat floor (a sure sign of the liquid inside!), my case was solved. the old people tsk tsk'd as i removed my dripping bag and self at the next stop. damn foreigners.

my jungle arrives friday. a wonderful chain of events (which i'll explain later) will result in three huge custom-made planters, over 1 million cubic cm of peat and big beautiful maple and pine trees being delivered to my home in two short days. my deck furniture (including a big white parasol) arrives tomorrow. funny that it's in the middle of seoul that i'll be reunited with my green thumb. oh, and let's appreciate how damn fast things happen in this town? jesus! bali-bali (hurry up!) culture indeed! i'm spending a lot of money that i don't have but things tend to work out, right?

hmmmm what else? i've become a gym rat and i'm losing the ability to speak english at a normal pace without ridiculous enunciation. maybe i need a coupla expat buddies, after all. my neighborhood is young but fun. lots of great cheap food and boutiques. sadns is when a t-shirt saying, "happins is warm puppy", doesn't fit. in other news, i can't stop listening to mandarin pop and it's killing me. there were three expat asian homos in my bed on early sunday morning (sans funny business) and i talked to a real, live white girl with blond hair and it was weird. much like the stories in lonely planet travel guides, i had the urge to touch her hair.

sooner than later,

pants lablanche.


Jason said...

so you are becoming fluent in korean?
I am going there in august!

myrna cheong boos-nooning said...

i thought the purpose of having a blog to document overseas hinjinx was to... i dunno BLOG about it. june 10 is your latest entry? i don't care how many koke classes you have, there always time for vomitting out offensive entries.

Keith said...

What is the map of? Interesting blog, by the way.

hassan said...

miss this place.