18 August 2007

hobbies are good

establishing a color palette helps, no?

i've been hankering for some creative outlets lately. cultivating my jungle has helped, but living so far from the nurseries makes it hard to fully realize my amazon. recently my "let's furnish the apartment" desire has returned, and getting some art up onto my pink wallpaper-ed walls became a priority.

2 months ago i went to hongdae and had some canvases made (these ones have 2x thicker sides than standard) and picked up some oil paints and supplies. thanks to some sound advice from sissy back in the states, namely to avoid red, go simple, get a fan brush for blending, and check out some mark rothko, i've spent the last few days painting a blue triptych.

my makeshift studio. the web colors are deceptive. the contrasts aren't actually so dramatic and the dark splotch is more olive green than black.

i hope it's not too big/bright and works well with the color palette she miraculously found to bring my walls and couch together (i can't figure these things out on my own). the oil and turpentine smell has me sleeping on the living room floor but it's been fun. a (not red) sofa chair and table arrive this week!

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