19 August 2007

jesus: i'm coming home.

the title of this post isn't jesus telling the faithful that his second coming (third if you're mormon) is nigh. so don't pull out the knee-high galoshes in order to wade through the oceans of blood described in revelations, just yet.

no, in this title, i am the speaker, and i'm telling my metaphoric jesus (america), about my upcoming travel plans. that is to say, i'll be in seattle this upcoming weekend and in chicago the week following, and would love to see you if your schedule permits. fyi: "you" includes family, friends, and anonymous cyber stalkers with IP addresses like and


Jon said...

aww give uncle elizabeth a big kiss for me.

i agree that the nations are a bit... easy. it seemed like a nice idea given i.h. and everything, but yes now it's too simple. as i still don't have good graphic editing software, i may have to commission a slight redo from michelle porras jr. when she has the time.

are you meeting up with BD kymm in the time you're there?

matt said...

wanted to, but our itineraries were like the wrong sides of a magnetic train set car left on their own. grippa sadness! hearts hurting anonymous for dayzzzze!!