03 September 2007

tokyo holiday

capsule hotel.

post jesusland and before returning to seoul, i scheduled 40 hours in tokyo, of which i slept 4. it's disorienting to awaken inside a capsule hotel still tipsy from just a few hours earlier when you were amongst polite nihon hipsters, a trio of expats and lots of nigerian club promoters. this morning's stacked coffin was mine, but yesterday it was another chap's, and since i didn't want to pay, i explored the fire escape, which efficiently enough emptied out onto the street. thank goodness the japanese are always prepared for disasters. this trip marked the second time i've wandered the streets of tokyo in search of a satisfactory dance venue, and the second time i've inexplicably found myself in an unremarkable rapponggi bar called "gaspanic". the bartenders were two old cubanos. tho i'd made a gridskipper-inspired tokyo to-do list, ultimately i parked my bags at the airport, bogarted some free trips to and from the city, and spent many hours walking around shinjuku, harajuku, shibuya and aoyama while enjoying the gorgeous weather.

obligatory engrish pic.

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