21 November 2007

the ahn eunmee company

the ahn eunmee company

ken, momoae and i took the long trip south to the seoul suburb of bundang to see my friend ahn eunmee's (안은미) latest dance extravaganza.

she and i had met shortly after i arrived in korea thanks to chung-woo. with cigarette in hand she quickly bestowed upon me a korean name and proclaimed that she was my mother here.

re: tonight's show, as usual, she was fabulous, and her critique of gender and class norms in the context of patriarchal/heterosexist korean society always makes for exciting visuals... but the production felt less cohesive and complete than her september show.

as is typical, afterwards dancers and friends gathered for yummy samgyeopsal before i and my nihon cohort received a surprise (and much appreciated) ride back to seoul. during the 50-minute drive we conversed in korean, causing my butt to be nervously clenched the whole way.

on monday eunmee leaves for a project in germany for a few months. she'll be missed!

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