22 November 2007

a korean donkey show

seoul's version of a donkey show

prior to this post i was not aware of what a donkey show was. for those pure souls who are also oblivious to the live sex shows that occur between women and donkeys in mexico's red light districts... well, there ya go.

seoul's donkey show, however, is shakespeare's mid-summer night's dream-meets-disco. the musical originated off-broadway, but this donkey show translated most of the hits like, "go disco!" and "it's raining men," into korean. my buddy seong yun (who reminds me of a young ban ki moon), won some free tickets and took me along to seoul's lively daehangno district. once inside, the club-like atmosphere was quickly punctuated by nekkid-ish dancers trying to cajole audience members into participating. the non-stop sexual stuff sometimes felt like a replacement for well-done craft. for instance, how many times can a drag king simulate jerking off an enormous penis in a 90-minutes show? quite a few! i shouldn't complain, since there were miles and miles of sexy korean manflesh to keep me and the scores of young girls' spirits buoyed... which made me wonder where the homo guys were. i hope to go back with some in tow, all of us hopefully really, really drunk.

here's a vid i took before being asked to stop. sorry you'll have to bend yo neck to watch. (i gave the headstand landing a 7.5)

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