15 December 2007

hong kong holiday

a busy street on hong kong's kowloon peninsula.

after a hectic and sleepless final 30+ hours in seoul, it's been nice spending a coupla relaxing days here in hong kong. i'm enjoying the balmy temps, a nice hotel (an early xmas gift), and some sightseeing before heading off to the usa on tuesday.

predictably, hk's pungent scent immediately took me back to my asian travels from last fall. although i thought my travel bug was momentarily nipped in the bud, being here has me thinking about embarking on another mega-trip. i'm reminded of the fun to be had from a caffeine-fueled walkabout when unencumbered by an itinerary or destination.

a chinese junk at sail in victoria harbor.

i spent yesterday exploring hk's kowloon-side, enjoying a very hazy hk skyline from the "avenue of the stars", the ancient chinese ficus trees along nathan road linking jordan to tsim sha tsui, and "the great american landscape exhibition" at the hong kong heritage discovery centre in kowloon park. so much nice free stuff to be had.

so homo. a korean, 2 cantonese, a coupla half-breeds and a connecticut jew.

in the evening i met up with antony, the charming indonesian/chinese-aussie expat whom i met while traveling here last fall. together with several of his friends, we talked about korean fetishes and watched his king charles cavalier spaniel puppy pee and shiz on his cow pelt carpet. after wine while watching a thick mariah sing some of her favorites on dvd, we took two of hk's automatic door-opening taxis to the central district and propaganda, the special autonomous region's only homo dance club of repute.

tomorrow i'll take the ferry over to macau, a former portuguese colony that is now china's gambling mecca.


Jared Bigelow's Ween said...

lemme guess -- the koko-flow on the right, you and the guy in black as the half breeds, the other two are of course the cantons and um... the guy from ct. is my asia-dar on?

fyi -- jho told me what honkers meant. somehow i didn't connect honk with hong kong, but instead with your trip to america. "honky-tonk" etc. how was the uncuddly honker otherwise?

matt said...

wow, you're off.

(from l-r) jew, koko, canton, chinese-indo, marty, canton.

ya, i drew the same conclusion way back when. it's ok though. i like the idea of confusing the denizens of a former british colony in china with white trash americans. it's a small world, j.b. ween.