14 December 2007


festive lights

uhoh, guess who's been a little melancholy today with his seoul departure just hours away? it looks like the number one man in my life (me) is getting attached to this here nationland! sure, there are also people i'll miss, but me thinks it's the actual dirt of the place to which i've become attached.

in a few minutes i'll bid seoul adieu for a few days in hong kong before spending the holidays and then some with family and friends back in the usa. even though a part of me wants to stay in seoul, being among loved ones during the high holidays seems appropriate and man have i been craving some mid-western cuisine of late.

i visited city hall after dark today to see the lights and ice skaters before i left. the skaters were cute, the lights a little gaudy, if you ask me. if you watch the video below, the quality sucks but watch the couple. i'm a sucker for bloopers.


papkan said...

Hi I'm Baek Nara. The girl you met in the airplane to Hongkong. I confused korean times and Hongkong's, so I've been waiting somewhat so long for the next airplane. I found that your blog was quite amazing and there were some good things to learn.
I was really glad to meet and talk with you.
Have a nice day in Hong kong too~^^

ManDY_B said...

hi, r u lesbian?

matt said...

every damn day.

matt said...

hey nara, it was so nice to meet you. you have a wonderful, fresh outlook on the world and i hope your time in nepal and india adds to it!

Jon said...

hay-sus, you meet alot of people in random places. are you one of those airplane talkers??? i didn't think you would be. and always with the shy curious asian girls. although do they know you're homo?

anyhoo -- fabu trip back to the usa. i expect pics of kimi-bruising, kimi leg-spreading/hair-pulling and kimi dry-humping within the week.

matt said...

definitely NOT one of those airplane talkers, but sweet thang offered me gum and the ice was broken. i can be polite when necessary.